E-Book DRM makes you pay for the same book twice.

(crossposted from CreativeFreedom.org.nz)

Dan Cohen over at GearDiary has noticed a strange thing about the Amazon Kindle . He wiped the device and tried to download his legally purchased books again only to told "Cannot be sent to selected device you've reached the maximum number of times you can download the book.". He called customer service... "and that’s when I got the surprise. 'How can I find out how many times I can download any given book?' I asked. He replied, 'I don’t think you can. That’s entirely up to the publisher and I don’t think we always know.'" The issue of what exactly you're buying with digital material is going to be an increasingly complex, and DRM that prevents backups will inhibit use of paid content. The Kindle was recently criticised for reducing equality amongst disabled people by blocking access to accessibility features.