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Photos from the Wellington New Zealand Return of the King premiere, 1st December 2003.

Warning, photos will take a long time to download.

David Wenham. Faramir

Arwyn. (Liv Tyler)

Before you die you see...

Sam. Sean Astin

I yelled out "Goonies never say die" at Sean Astin but I don't think he heard me. Peter Jackson laughed at it though.

Gollum. Andy Serkis.

Peregrin Took. Billy Boyd

Frodo. Elijah Wood

Gimli. Treebeard. John Rhys-Davies

Kept saying things like "Sometimes the characters I play are a bit wooden" and "It's nice to play a character with roots".

Gandalf. Sir Ian Mckellen

Viggo Mortensen. Aragorn. Richard Taylor.

Richard Taylor giving Viggo a piggy-back ride

Theoden. Bernard Hill.

Peter Jackson

Legolas. Orlando Bloom.

Debloom me Orlando

Everyone along the parade had the tshirt pointed out to them.

Agent Elrond

Meriadock. Dominic Monaghan

Me, sunburnt,

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Photos from the previous year's Two Towers premiere (2002)

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